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ModìLite Treatment

ModìLite is safe and non-invasive solution for benign nodules of the thyroid using laser technology, is simple and short running with a fast disappearance of the symptoms.

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ModiLite is a minimally invasive ultrasound-guided treatment that uses the heat generated by a laser source to destroy portions…

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Noduli Tiroidei
Thyroid nodules

Thyroid nodules are very common, especially in women and as they get older. In fact, according to some estimations…

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Search the nearest site where you can perform the treatment ModìLite .

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Your frequently asked questions, here you can find answers.

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Read the short interview of phisician that operate ModìLite.

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Press Release

ModìLite; a new reference for the Patients looking for Thyroid Nodule Benign solutions “The dedicate name ModìLite is useful…

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  • CM Pacella

    In the early ’90s I introduced in Italy the use of laser to destroy tumour lesion (laser ablation). On the basis of experimental ex-vivo and in vivo studies I studied the most suitable physical parameters (exposure time, delivery mode...

  • Raggiunti

    The Hospital of Atri, at the UOC of Endocrinology, ASL Teramo, treated 140 patients with a volume reduction at two years of 70% of the initial volume. When we visit patients with nodule from the ideal characteristics to be subjected...

  • Papini

    In this short paper I report the results of the 3-year multicenter study on laser ablation of benign thyroid nodules ModìLite. In four Italian centers of reference for thyroid disease 201 patients with benign nodule cytology (volume 5-18 mL) were...

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