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ModiLite is a micro-invasive ultrasound-guided treatment that uses the heat generated by a laser source to destroy portions of nodular tissue, causing a progressive reduction in the thyroid nodule volume and subsequent disappearance of the compressive and aesthetic symptoms of the neck.
Thanks to micro-invasive access with very thin needles inserted into optical fibres, ModìLite allows for destroying the neoplastic tissue, thus avoiding the trauma caused by surgical access, with evident advantages such as no or much less post-op pain, no or very brief hospitalization, and an almost immediate return to social life.

Who can be treated in this way?

ModiLite is indicated for subjects with one or more benign solid thyroid nodules with a volume capable of causing cosmetic damage or symptoms of local compression, or those who prefer not to undergo surgery. ModìLite is also a safe and effective treatment for subjects who are not able to undergo surgery for critical medical reasons.

The benefits of ModiLite
  • It significantly reduces the compressive and cosmetic symptoms
  • It does not leave any marks on the neck (no scarring)
  • It has a short duration (about 30 minutes – including preparation of the patient)
  • It is performed in the Day Hospital
  • Short recovery time
  • The use of fine and painless needles that respects the neck structures
  • It does not require general or local anaesthesia (local anaesthesia optional at the discretion of the physician)
  • It produces a highly predictable and repeatable coagulation volume as required by small organs surrounded by critical vital structures
  • It does not require life-long drug therapy as with surgical removal
  • It does not compromise further therapeutic action
Treatment guide

One or two optical fibres are inserted via ultrasound guidance into the nodule through extremely fine
Gauge needles. It’s an outpatient procedure that does not require local anaesthesia (optional at the discretion of the physician). The treatment session lasts from 10 to 20 minutes, which is the time required for the heat inside the nodule to destroy the treated tissue. There are no incisions or stitches and the entire session, including the preparation time, takes just on 30 minutes. Recovery time are short and you can return to your normal activities the very next day after treatment. The effectiveness of ModìLite allows for obtaining good results in one single session.
During the following months you will just need to carry out follow-ups of the thyroid function and ultrasounds to evaluate the reduction of the volume of the nodule.

Contrary to minimally invasive surgical thyroid techniques and thermal ablation with radiofrequency, ModìLite is the mini-invasive treatment par excellence: thanks to the access with very fine needles (with a caliber less than 1 mm) and 300micron fiber optic ModìLite is defined micro-invasive treatment.


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Are you a physician?

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